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Murals and Paintings

Brees Studio hand painted murals, photo realistic backgrounds, and fine art paintings add depth and dramatic context to any exhibit. Available in a variety of sizes and styles these works of art are easily transported and installed or can be painted on site. By matching look, feel, and intensity our artists seamlessly bind the background and foreground of an exhibit to complete the illusion of one cohesive scene.

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Humpback Whales
Humpback Whales
Hand painted President Clinton Oval Office mural
Oval Office
Hand painted Arkansas Forest mural
Arkansas Forest
Hand painted Autumn Lake Scene mural
Autumn Lake Scene
Tongass  forest
Tongass Forest
Hand painted Alaska Pipeline mural
Alaska Pipeline
Hand painted Native Fishing Camp mural (transition of 3D diorama into 2D mural)
Southeast Alaska Native Fish Camp
Hand painted Lake Michigan mural
Lake Michigan
Southeast Alaska Rainforest
Southeast Alaska Rainforest
Hand painted Indiana Woodlot mural
Indiana Woodlot
Hand painted Hardwood Forest Valley mural
Hardwood Forest Valley
Hand painted Mountain Stream & Valley mural
Mountain Stream & Valley
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